Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slut,Whore,Hooker,Call girl,Courtesan,Gold digger part 1

Well Im back friends after a busy few weeks working,traveling yada yada yada. Thanks to the nice new people who reached out to me concerning my blog. Its funny I would prefer to birth this  my Valog,,inside joke if your a female. This new valog is some what controversial in nature due to the following words. In every country they have baptise those who are considered cheeky. Any female who exploits her vagina for financial endeavors or surging hormones. So I decided to ad my own spin on the following saucy words. A SLUT can be either a Man or Woman if you have had sex with more than one person. Especially if you did not marry them don't become upset look at it this way. Men are more liars about their booty calls,hook-ups,summer flings,college romances and wham bam thank you mam!  A women should never apologise for her sleep overs,masturbation,walk of shame, or past regrets with losers. Besides you've heard the saying that is very popular with homosexual and straight men "Dont kiss & Tell". When you do then you set your self up for ridicule,sneers and gossip mills. Next what is a WHORE? Its simple anyone who uses an orfice, visual beauty,charm,schemer,manipulative individual,talent or exceptionally gifted trait. Therefore if it generates revenue,favors or the chance to get ahead in society then that is what a whore,ho,hoe is! What is a HOOKER well in civilize society it was an old school term for a "Street walker" now its become mainstream like the word nigger was at a time. Rap artist employ the slang nigga instead thats all...Time for bed I will finish this subject later. D

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