Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daiana Hammer @ your service....

Thank you for stopping by my Official blog,,,I hope that this gives you a better under standing of who I may be as a person. I was born in a middle class family who are christian and buddhist faith. When people hear the word Companion,Escort they always assume a person with "low morals". To be honest as humans we have our own worldly views about Men,Women,Sex,Politics and Religion. In the USA people assume that anyone woman or man who uses looks, their body for financial purposes must have been a victim of child molestation or rape? Wrong I was schooled in an above par educational facility in Europe and my parents are the greatest parents I could have ever had. Most americans tend to lay in judgement of Women,Blacks,Homosexuals,Jewish,Abortion procedures and the war. I hope that my blog allows you to understand more of me and Not "lump" me into a group of  other individuals who could care less the way they represent themselves. In every profession there are good and bad..Im not here for exceptence. Just to shed some light on my choices,,,,(

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