Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Courtesan 1840-1990

Darling thee COURTESAN is the most regal of ladies..A genuine courtesan is NOT a prostitute more like a Married man's Mistress. One of the greatest amongst many were welcomed in European society. Not to offend the Street Walker,Escort or Call Girl there is a big difference. Like comparing a Middle Eastern of color with an Afrikan of dark complexion. Many courtesans chose married men during the 1840's-1990's in part because of the comforts that were bestowed upon them. Such as lavish Villa's,Stable of horse's,Real Estate,Winery,Cruises,Charity Gala's,Rare artifacts. Unlike a common Street Walker who men would NEVER be caught dead in public with. A courtesan of priviledge was bestowed that honor on certain occassion. A certain few even married into enormous WEALTH and wore Titles. Similar to a Debutante during her coming of age ceremony. Today there a few in existence and they hold their chastity in great honor. A genuine COURTESAN is NOT a SEX WORKER..okay? Sex workers sleep with men,women or couples. Based upon if SHE or HE works alone,agency affliated or Madame/Pimp. Meaning that 1-3-5 clients or more daily depending upon Flat or Hourly rates. COURTESANS don't sleep with numerous clients daily!!!!!!! They are a RICH MAN'S Mistress for a period of MONTHS or YEARS. That RICH MAN pays her RENT,Auto note,Issues her a Credit Card,takes her on trips and introduces her to his Business Assoc or close friends. Again Sex Workers are NEVER treated like a MISTRESS. Men won't marry Sex Workers because of pride though he could with a COURTESAN. I have to be honest and if I offend you I'm Not so sorry. Men make the rules and we live in their WORLD. They have more $$$$ than females Google Forbes millionaires & Billionaires. Much respect...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Slut,Whore,Hooker,Call girl,Courtesan,Gold digger part2

Cheerful greeting to you friends in internet land and beyond. Shall I continue from where I parked my theory? What exactly is a Call girl ,well during the 1970's when american and european females. Began swinging and engaging in one night stands or the "Womens Liberation Movement" set in. There was a group of lone wolves of sexual providers christened "Call Girls".These ladies did NOT stand on curb corners like street walkers these ladies were highly ambitious seeking to live the life like a high fashion model. In the 1970's american and european countries began exploring unique freedoms that was frowned upon in the 1950's. No woman in her right mind would ever have a one night stand and boast about it during the conservative 1950's.In the United States marriage and child bearing was imposed upon women like a romance novel. Men ruled corporate america,racial segregation was the norm and abortion was ILLEGAL.These call girls catered to a special high-end class of gentleman during the 1970's.Also take note there was no cellphones back then so many had to rely on answering services or a discreet appt setter. I told you that everything from the past comes back again. Sadly every generation copies and ripps off the prior for inspiration. I was told that many of the women utilized the services of "certain" friends/contacts to pass on telephone numbers for business. Sorry my lips are SEALED just in case an american Law Enforcement officer stumbles into my Va-log. Freedom of speech These ladies dressed like fashion models,dressed in the nicest garments(Yves st Laurent,Valentino and Halston).You may have also found them living in high priced condo's or apts in Manhattan,NYC-Miami beach,Fla-London,England,-Las Vegas,Nevada. During the 1970's there was drug use,v.d,serial killers and Luck was bestowed upon the fortunate one.Many working girls did NOT live like these ladies did and a very lucky few. Being that if you were VERY ambitious and had the instincts of a mother grizzly bear to get in,make $$$$ and then move on unscathed? Much love to those who lived in the 1970's.....Disco,Richard Nixon,Polyester and The Carpenters......How did you like my birthday card I uploaded that to share with you! We all have been the targets of GOSSIP....Daiana

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slut,Whore,Hooker,Call girl,Courtesan,Gold digger part 1

Well Im back friends after a busy few weeks working,traveling yada yada yada. Thanks to the nice new people who reached out to me concerning my blog. Its funny I would prefer to birth this  my Valog,,inside joke if your a female. This new valog is some what controversial in nature due to the following words. In every country they have baptise those who are considered cheeky. Any female who exploits her vagina for financial endeavors or surging hormones. So I decided to ad my own spin on the following saucy words. A SLUT can be either a Man or Woman if you have had sex with more than one person. Especially if you did not marry them don't become upset look at it this way. Men are more liars about their booty calls,hook-ups,summer flings,college romances and wham bam thank you mam!  A women should never apologise for her sleep overs,masturbation,walk of shame, or past regrets with losers. Besides you've heard the saying that is very popular with homosexual and straight men "Dont kiss & Tell". When you do then you set your self up for ridicule,sneers and gossip mills. Next what is a WHORE? Its simple anyone who uses an orfice, visual beauty,charm,schemer,manipulative individual,talent or exceptionally gifted trait. Therefore if it generates revenue,favors or the chance to get ahead in society then that is what a whore,ho,hoe is! What is a HOOKER well in civilize society it was an old school term for a "Street walker" now its become mainstream like the word nigger was at a time. Rap artist employ the slang nigga instead thats all...Time for bed I will finish this subject later. D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Setting appts-Tutorial 1

So would you like to set an appt with me? Foremost you have made an excellent decision in deed my good man. I happen to tour Beverly Hills,California. New York City(Manhattan areas), Vancouver,B.C,  London,England and Tokyo,Japan. You must contact me either by electronic mail or my voice service in advance. Outcall dining-socializing is imperative on my part now read carefully. My  preference of "Friends with Benefit$" is as follows. A gentleman over 30 years in age: my attraction has been towards mature thinkers. No exceptions unless you  have  suitable references(Screening purposes) from (3) ladies. I have little patience though I have been commended on my sense of humor. Im very much a Lady and I carry myself in that if your seeking a common "Harlot" then I'm Not the female you desire.Most adults have a type of guy or gal in general due to personal attraction. Based upon my up bringing,education and social skills I have been labled a "Debutante","Glamour puss",so not every man like's that Ultra femme Godess. Contact:( I will set an additional post that has a link for my new website,allowances,gifts,photo gallery,net address & contact number.) If I placed it here every Jane,Tom & Harry would call just to hear my Voice. I have an appt setter that allows me time to breathe and  not "Stress" over the small stuff. Follow me on Twitter (


People have asked why do female Strippers,Escorts and High-end Call girls smear their faces from ads? The truth is in the USA,Canada, The Islands,Europe and Middle Eastern countries.Most people havent caught up with the idea that "No respectful" lady should use her body to make money! Most daddies and mummies would prefer that their daughter finish prep school and college then wed a nice bloak(fella). One day in five or ten years "Women of the Evening" may be accepted like that of homosexuals and african americans have become. Now wait I know you must be scratching your head: what did she say.. am I correct? Black people were once "Slaves" in the Southern United States circa 1770's-1890's and in other countries so to  speak. Slavery is just wrong in all forms though isn't marriage like slavery? Ex: A bride takes her husbands last name for a gold and diamond band : the goal financial security? Not to mention his house,credit,bank account and life insurance are tossed into the arrangement as well? Marriage is based on the premise of Love,Sex and having kids=Financial security. Heaven help should a DIVORCE insue later down the road which at onetime was considered an abonation in conservative circles?. Homosexuality is looked down upon from the church as a Sin,,like Condoms,Birth Control pills,Masturbation, Interracial marriage,etc. We are allowed to have our own views fostered upon us from our up bringing,schooling,religion, ethnic beliefs.  When we become adults over 21yrs of age and leave our parents residence to explore:growth cycle. Then we must live with our choices that we have made(whether good or bad). Am I right by deciding what we feel is right or wrong within ourselves(societies mores)? Second some girls hide in shame due to friends,family,and if there are children that could risk ridicule from others. Society has always laid in judgement to others especially those who stand outside a crowd. I find that in western cultures adults like teens desire exceptence or the dreaded need to fit in. At the end of the day make your own financial decisions in how you pay for Rent,Bills.Like in any profession  just file your Taxes,save for rainy days(every gravy train will eventually come to an end)..lets Not forget use CONDOMS regardless if your a swinger,wife swap,XXX performer,escort,one night stand...(I'm fed up with people stealing my Pictures for local news papers/magazines,ads. Thats why my eye's are blanked..) Daiana

Daiana Hammer @ your service....

Thank you for stopping by my Official blog,,,I hope that this gives you a better under standing of who I may be as a person. I was born in a middle class family who are christian and buddhist faith. When people hear the word Companion,Escort they always assume a person with "low morals". To be honest as humans we have our own worldly views about Men,Women,Sex,Politics and Religion. In the USA people assume that anyone woman or man who uses looks, their body for financial purposes must have been a victim of child molestation or rape? Wrong I was schooled in an above par educational facility in Europe and my parents are the greatest parents I could have ever had. Most americans tend to lay in judgement of Women,Blacks,Homosexuals,Jewish,Abortion procedures and the war. I hope that my blog allows you to understand more of me and Not "lump" me into a group of  other individuals who could care less the way they represent themselves. In every profession there are good and bad..Im not here for exceptence. Just to shed some light on my choices,,,,(