Thursday, September 8, 2011

Setting appts-Tutorial 1

So would you like to set an appt with me? Foremost you have made an excellent decision in deed my good man. I happen to tour Beverly Hills,California. New York City(Manhattan areas), Vancouver,B.C,  London,England and Tokyo,Japan. You must contact me either by electronic mail or my voice service in advance. Outcall dining-socializing is imperative on my part now read carefully. My  preference of "Friends with Benefit$" is as follows. A gentleman over 30 years in age: my attraction has been towards mature thinkers. No exceptions unless you  have  suitable references(Screening purposes) from (3) ladies. I have little patience though I have been commended on my sense of humor. Im very much a Lady and I carry myself in that if your seeking a common "Harlot" then I'm Not the female you desire.Most adults have a type of guy or gal in general due to personal attraction. Based upon my up bringing,education and social skills I have been labled a "Debutante","Glamour puss",so not every man like's that Ultra femme Godess. Contact:( I will set an additional post that has a link for my new website,allowances,gifts,photo gallery,net address & contact number.) If I placed it here every Jane,Tom & Harry would call just to hear my Voice. I have an appt setter that allows me time to breathe and  not "Stress" over the small stuff. Follow me on Twitter (

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