Thursday, September 8, 2011


People have asked why do female Strippers,Escorts and High-end Call girls smear their faces from ads? The truth is in the USA,Canada, The Islands,Europe and Middle Eastern countries.Most people havent caught up with the idea that "No respectful" lady should use her body to make money! Most daddies and mummies would prefer that their daughter finish prep school and college then wed a nice bloak(fella). One day in five or ten years "Women of the Evening" may be accepted like that of homosexuals and african americans have become. Now wait I know you must be scratching your head: what did she say.. am I correct? Black people were once "Slaves" in the Southern United States circa 1770's-1890's and in other countries so to  speak. Slavery is just wrong in all forms though isn't marriage like slavery? Ex: A bride takes her husbands last name for a gold and diamond band : the goal financial security? Not to mention his house,credit,bank account and life insurance are tossed into the arrangement as well? Marriage is based on the premise of Love,Sex and having kids=Financial security. Heaven help should a DIVORCE insue later down the road which at onetime was considered an abonation in conservative circles?. Homosexuality is looked down upon from the church as a Sin,,like Condoms,Birth Control pills,Masturbation, Interracial marriage,etc. We are allowed to have our own views fostered upon us from our up bringing,schooling,religion, ethnic beliefs.  When we become adults over 21yrs of age and leave our parents residence to explore:growth cycle. Then we must live with our choices that we have made(whether good or bad). Am I right by deciding what we feel is right or wrong within ourselves(societies mores)? Second some girls hide in shame due to friends,family,and if there are children that could risk ridicule from others. Society has always laid in judgement to others especially those who stand outside a crowd. I find that in western cultures adults like teens desire exceptence or the dreaded need to fit in. At the end of the day make your own financial decisions in how you pay for Rent,Bills.Like in any profession  just file your Taxes,save for rainy days(every gravy train will eventually come to an end)..lets Not forget use CONDOMS regardless if your a swinger,wife swap,XXX performer,escort,one night stand...(I'm fed up with people stealing my Pictures for local news papers/magazines,ads. Thats why my eye's are blanked..) Daiana

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